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At TBC Alliance Group, our diverse range of services is designed to drive success in the global marketplace. Whether you are an organisation looking to explore new horizons or a regional zone aspiring to attract businesses, our team of experienced consultants is ready to provide tailored solutions. From infrastructure development to human capacity enablement, we offer comprehensive support for your economic and social transformation.


We offer a range of services to meet your specific needs. If you are looking to establish a presence in the GCC, Africa, or Latin America, our market entry strategies are designed for success. From HR strategy development to licensing and technical requirement project development, we provide comprehensive support for organisations and regional zones alike.

Infrastructure Development

TBC Alliance Group specialises in overseeing and implementing transformational infrastructure projects. Our expertise includes conceptualization, planning, and execution to ensure the success of large-scale development initiatives.


Training & Executive Education

We provide comprehensive training and executive education programs tailored to meet the evolving needs of organisations. Our courses are designed to enhance the skills and capabilities of professionals across various industries.


Market Entry to GCC, Africa & Latin America

TBC Alliance Group supports organisations in entering new markets or expanding their existing footprint. We offer expert guidance and strategic insights for businesses seeking to establish a strong presence in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the GCC region. However, our reach extends far beyond the GCC, encompassing diverse markets across Africa, Latin America, and other regions globally. Our team's deep understanding of the local business landscape, market dynamics, and regulatory requirements will pave the way for your successful market entry.


HR Strategy Development

Our HR strategy services are designed to help organisations optimise their human resources and workforce capabilities. We provide tailored HR solutions that align with your business objectives, ensuring efficient talent management, recruitment, and development.


Licensing Frameworks and Standards Development

Navigating the complex world of licensing and technical requirements is made easier with our assistance. TBC Alliance Group will guide you through the regulatory processes, ensuring compliance and enabling efficient project development and transparency.


Business Development and Specialized Fundraising

We offer support in business development, helping organisations identify growth opportunities and strategic partnerships. Our specialised fundraising services aim to secure financial resources for unique projects and initiatives


Global Industrial Site Visits, Investor, and Trade Missions

TBC Alliance Group organises and facilitates global industrial site visits, investor meetings, and trade missions. These initiatives foster international collaborations, business partnerships, and investment opportunities.


Real Estate Development

Our real estate development expertise spans various sectors, including commercial, residential, and industrial properties. We offer comprehensive real estate solutions that encompass site selection, feasibility studies, design, construction, and project management. Additionally, we have a strong focus on Special Economic Zone (SEZ) development and promotion, supporting both global investors and regional zones in harnessing the potential of SEZs to foster economic growth and Development.


Sports Consulting

TBC Alliance Group provides consulting services to the sports industry, offering strategic advice on sports management, marketing, event planning, and athlete representation.


Events Management and Production

We excel in the planning and execution of events, ensuring seamless logistics and memorable experiences. Our team handles everything from conceptualization to on-site management.


Market Intelligence and Specialist Reports

TBC Alliance Group delivers in-depth market intelligence and specialist reports, providing clients with valuable insights to make informed business decisions in complex and dynamic markets.


SEZ Advisory

  • As a leading SEZ consulting firm, we provide advisory services to special economic zones to help them achieve economic growth. We assist them in achieving their full economic growth and development potential by providing a variety of services, from strategic planning to regulatory compliance.

    • Strategic planning

    • Regulatory compliance

    • Investment attraction

    • Capacity building

Navigating the complexities of expanding into new markets or developing existing regional zones can be challenging, with obstacles such as cultural differences, language barriers, and legal regulations.TBC Alliance Group is devoted to supporting both organisations and regional zones, offering a range of services from market research and cultural training to legal and financial assistance. Our team of experts is ready to help you navigate the intricacies of growth and development, ensuring success.Whether you are looking to expand your business or seeking to attract opportunities to your regional zone, TBC Alliance Group is the perfect partner for you. We collaborate closely with our clients to develop customised expansion or development plans that align with specific requirements and objectives. Our commitment is to provide you with the necessary resources and support to execute your plan and achieve success, whether on a global scale or within your local region.

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